Russian Gmail art

- 162 meters of gray tape
- 45 lego pieces
- 32 sticks of plasticine
- 18 brushes
- 18 square meters of batten
- 12 cans of spray paint
- 10 liters of white paint
- 4 reams of paper
- 2 kilograms of millet porridge
- 1 printer
- 1 hair dryer
- 1 mop
- 1 saw

cu cine facem sex vineri seara ?

Japan Binocular Football

Cristiano Ronaldo Versus Bugatti Veyron

Joga Bonito: Cristiano Ronaldo Versus Zlatan Ibrahimovic

“Talking Stain”- Tide

“Justin Timberlake”- Pepsi

“Jump Start”- Amp

“Students”- Bud Light

“Mouse Trap”- Doritos

Audi R8 Super Bowl ad Super Bowl banned ad

Super Bowl 2008 BANNED ad "Exposure"- Too HOT for TV- Another censored ad turned down by Fox for Super Bowl XLII. Guess foxes just can't get along with beavers! Featuring Indy race car driver Danica Patrick and her "pet."

Hyundai Genesys Super Bowl AD

Hyundai's Super Bowl AD


What is Love -- Diet Pepsi Max Super Bowl Ad

Coca Cola Super BOwl Commercial: Parade Balloon

Coca Cola Super BOwl Commercial: Parade Balloon

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Fedex Super Bowl Ad: Carrier Pigeons Bad Choice for Shipping

Fedex Super Bowl Ad: Carrier Pigeons Bad Choice for Shipping

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Description: This Superbowl Ad shows an employee telling his boss that he’s solved their shipping problems with carrier pigeons making those deliveries for the company. The boss asks, “What about the big stuff?” and the man proudly claims, “We’ve solved that problem” as the camera pans to the roof of the building, where giant pigeons are taking off with packages, but dropping them in the street below. The boss says, “Let’s switch to Fedex. The ad ends as a giant pigeon picks up a compact car from the street below and it crashes through the office window when the bird drops it on the way upward. The car crashes down after teetering on two wheels and the car alarm is going strong. The embarrassed employee pulls his remote from his pocket and turns off his car alarm sheepishly.

Adriana Lima’s Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl Commercial

Victoria's Secret Angel Adriana Lima offers a timely reminder on how not to fumble this Valentine's Day in this super sexy Super Bowl ad.

Future highways vision in 1960

An excerpt from the 1958 "Disneyland" TV Show episode entitled "Magic Highway USA". In this last part of the show, an exploration into possible future Transportation technologies is made. It's hard to believe how little we've accomplished on this front since 1958, and how limited the scope for imagining such future technologies has become. Witness an artifact from a time where the future was greeted with optimism. Note the striking animation style here, achieved with fairly limited animation and spectacular layouts.

Paintball Headshot

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